The Stars' Secrets to Wearing a One Piece Bathing Suit

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Forget about the days where one piece bathing suits weren't considered to be a haute swimwear item, because the exact opposite is what's happening in today's modern world of fashion. Those two piece itty bitty skinny little bikini is still a favourite, but the one piece is right up there on the trending list, making all shapes, sizes and styles of women strutting the sandy shores with confidence. Some of the world's best fashion designers - and fashionistas are saying that one-piece bathing suits are actually sexier than a two piece, but of course, there are some tricks to follow to ensure that you get the most out of your bathing suit fashion sense, and blow the sand right off of that shore with every barefoot step that you take. The pool deck also counts!


The first step to wearing flawless swimwear is to first find a flawless style specific to your body shape. So, as you're shopping our excellent collection of fashion swimsuits, think about the torso because this is where all the difference is made. A one piece bathing suit elongates this area which slims the waist line and gives off that breath-taking Baywatch appeal, and to emphasize this, check out the weaving and/or design in this specific area.


One piece swimwear used to be infamous for too much pulling, not enough support, bulging, bulking and all kinds of other elements that are never ideal, but those days of swimwear fashion are behind us. The engineering of one piece styles now focus on providing practicality and movement. However, that's not to say that you shouldn't also consider your body's measurements and the purpose of your swimsuit such as; for beach volleyball, tanning, lane swimming or frolicking at the sea to ensure that you get the movement you need for your summer days.


The key to keeping your one piece sexy is to show off a little bit of cleavage - if you would like, of course. This will also minimize the risk of a poorly-placed tan line, meaning that even your lowest v-neck t-shirts will show off that sun kissed glow. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to bare it all with a slit right down the center of your body which can be found on some fabulous one piece swimsuits, but play around with different necklines to achieve the comfort and sex appeal that you desire.


Strap-less bathing suits are super haute, but so are the styles with straps, so don't rid them from your beach wardrobe. You may be steering away from the designs that have straps for a variety of reasons - two of the most popular ones being because of tan lines and the athletic style. However, almost all straps can actually be brought down when you're basking away, and the athletic appeal is a huge trend... and not what you think when you hear the word 'athletic'. Times have changed. That's also not to mention that strappy styles deplete the need to constantly "pull up" or hold things together.

Before you head onto Del Mar for a fashionable swimwear shopping spree, there are some trends to try. Low cut hipster styles are super sexy and gives amazing length to your, you guessed it, torso! Seamless cuts and patterns are fun and fashion-forward, but solids are absolutely fabulous for making a bold statement, while tucking in the places that you're wanting to slim down. Black is always a go-to, and extremely versatile and timeless. However whatever kind of one piece bathing suit you choose to make the beach your very-own runway in, you'll find happiness in knowing that the days of a saggy bum or too-tight straps are behind us. Here's to showing off our fabulous feminine bodies, and hiding the areas that we just aren't ready to bare.
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