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The Best Swimwear Trends of 2015


Just like every other season, the hot weather and sandy shores bring on a new bunch of fashion trends to keep your swimwear wardrobe on point, and since you'll hopefully be spending the majority of your days sipping margaritas on the beach or lounging in your bathing suit by the pool, it's time to listen up. Drum roll please... The hottest swimwear fashion trends of 2015 are...

Athletic Appeal

Whew! This may seem like a boring fashion trend to some, but you know better than that because that athletic appeal also means sex appeal. When you think about sporty styles of swimwear don't think of anything other than the traditional Baywatch bathing suit, or a simple cut that is appropriate to wear around the family. You always have to have at least one! These styles are always amazing for when you're doing less bathing and more swimming. Keeps everything together, if you know what we mean.

Boho Style

Boho is short form for bohemian which is a style that reflects that of Bohemia or its people. In other words, the style is very free, almost hippy-vintage inspired without taking you completely back to the 60s. Sorry, mom. This fashion trend can be a lot of fun as there are tons of different designs, color combinations and accessories that can make your beach attire stand out from the crowd. Throw on your best big floppy hat and you're ready to hit the sands.

Straps Galore 

Now, straps may not be the word you want to hear when talking about swimwear that you'll be bathing in because no one likes a bold tan line, but with some SPF (which you should be wearing anyway) and different swimsuits to switch up the spots for the rays to hit, you just can't go wrong with this season's trendy favorite. Don't only think about shoulder straps either! Styles are getting strappy down the body, on the back and even on the sides of your booty.

Simple is Chic

Simple has always been chic, and you can easily boost up the style with your own individuality by accessorizing with your best beach cover up, sunhat and big, bold sunglasses. That's also not to mention that solid colors can be the bees knees for emphasizing those curves, and hiding some other. So, if all else fails, just be simple. It's chic.

Pretty in Bows

Channel your inner girly side because the fashion designers of swimwear have brought back your favorite accents. Bows of all colors and sizes are back, and so are the ruffles and polka dots. It's the perfect way to show off your femininity and sweetness. Everyone likes an innocent girl next door.

Zip It Up Style 

Zippers seem to be another element that are being added to a variety of different swimwear styles and while you may think that this could be risky or uncomfortable, there is no need to worry. As long as you're purchasing high quality swimsuits, you should never have to worry about falling out, being revealed, or not feeling confident in your beach attire. So, zip it up with little zig zags all over the style.

You really aren't at a shortage of swimwear style this season. If you want to be simple, you've got that option, and if you want to stand out and make a bold, stylish statement, there are many options that follow. Needless to say, this summer is about to get really hot, and the jaws are definitely about to drop as you strut your stuff along the shore or pool deck. Margaritas, anyone?



  • June 06, 2015
  • Berjheny Perez